Drug Test

Facts to Know about Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine

synthetic urineNearly all workplaces nowadays discourage the use of drugs. To ensure that the employees abide by the no-drug policies, they carry out random tests regularly. The drug tests usually require urine samples that are then tested in the labs. Fortunately, there are a few practical ways to help you pass the drug tests and retain your job security.

One of the effective ways to pass drug tests is by using Monkey Dong. Monkey Dong refers to synthetic urine, which you can swap for your urine sample and get clean results. A few facts to know about Monkey Dong are highlighted below.

Monkey Dong Comes in a Complete Kit

The synthetic urine comes in a kit that contains dehydrated fake urine, syringe, strap-on device, four heat packs, and a temperature strip. You will need to add a specified amount of water to the dehydrated fake urine to get the sample that you can submit. The synthetic urine will contain the right amounts of creatine, uric acid, and acidity, which will mimic real urine.

You Can Choose Kits Based on The Color of Strap-On Device

The strap-on device is designed to look like a real penis. That can help you to submit your fake urine sample without any suspicion, which is essential in passing your drug test. The company behind Monkey Dong offers the fake penis in a variety of colors to ensure that everyone can get one that matches his skin color, helping to reduce suspicion. The heat pads help to bring the fake urine sample to the normal urine temperature.

Monkey Dong Offers Same-Day Shipping

Given that drug tests can be announced with very little time for preparation, you should be able to access your Monkey Dong kit within a short time. For that reason, monkey Dong can be shipped within the same day that you buy it. The shipping is done discretely, without the name of the product, company name, or description written on the package.

Monkey Dong Is Legal

There is nothing illegal about the purchase of Monkey Dong. The company markets it as a sex prop or something that can be used for pranks, which is what helps to keep it legal. The company that you work for, however, may have rules against using or owning the kit.

Role Played by The Monkey Dong in Urine Tests

employee urine samples

Some companies today make an effort of monitoring what their staff members do during their free time. One way of doing this is by administering a drug or urine test on their employees occasionally. Well, some people might argue that this is a form of infringement on their personal rights, especially if what they do does not interfere in any way with their productivity.

Since drug tests are increasingly becoming popular in the workplace, most people are increasingly looking for ways to beat these tests. Well, many gadgets or tools can help you overcome the urine test. It is therefore up to you to know which of them works and which doesn’t. Have you heard about the Monkey Dong? Read on to learn more about this ergonomic urine dispensing unit.

What is a Monkey Dong?

Ideally, a monkey is a synthetic urine dispensing gadget that is used to beat urine drug tests. This gadget contains powered urine, which is often a mixture of urea and uric acid. This powder has just the right amounts of these elements needed to make you pass the urine test.

This gadget is reasonably easy to use. Since most companies do not care or care very little about your genetic composition when conducting these test, using the monkey dong as recommended could be passing all drug tests now and in future.

How to Use a Monkey Dong

collected samplesUsing a monkey dong is relatively straightforward especially if you take time and read the manual. Well, you might be wondering about how to heat the urine to the right temperature. This device comes with some heating pads that heat up the urine to ensure it matches with your body temperatures. The monkey dog package also comes with a urine flask to help you achieve the right temperatures.

It is worth noting that buying the right monkey dong is one thing and getting the right urine sample is an entirely different thing. Going wrong on either of this essentially means going wrong on the urine test. Some people either knowingly or out of ignorance make the wrong choices. Ideally, the most important tip about using synthetic urine and other related products is to buy them from a trusted dealer.