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Facts to Know about Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine

synthetic urineNearly all workplaces nowadays discourage the use of drugs. To ensure that the employees abide by the no-drug policies, they carry out random tests regularly. The drug tests usually require urine samples that are then tested in the labs. Fortunately, there are a few practical ways to help you pass the drug tests and retain your job security.

One of the effective ways to pass drug tests is by using Monkey Dong. Monkey Dong refers to synthetic urine, which you can swap for your urine sample and get clean results. A few facts to know about Monkey Dong are highlighted below.

Monkey Dong Comes in a Complete Kit

The synthetic urine comes in a kit that contains dehydrated fake urine, syringe, strap-on device, four heat packs, and a temperature strip. You will need to add a specified amount of water to the dehydrated fake urine to get the sample that you can submit. The synthetic urine will contain the right amounts of creatine, uric acid, and acidity, which will mimic real urine.

You Can Choose Kits Based on The Color of Strap-On Device

The strap-on device is designed to look like a real penis. That can help you to submit your fake urine sample without any suspicion, which is essential in passing your drug test. The company behind Monkey Dong offers the fake penis in a variety of colors to ensure that everyone can get one that matches his skin color, helping to reduce suspicion. The heat pads help to bring the fake urine sample to the normal urine temperature.

Monkey Dong Offers Same-Day Shipping

Given that drug tests can be announced with very little time for preparation, you should be able to access your Monkey Dong kit within a short time. For that reason, monkey Dong can be shipped within the same day that you buy it. The shipping is done discretely, without the name of the product, company name, or description written on the package.

Monkey Dong Is Legal

There is nothing illegal about the purchase of Monkey Dong. The company markets it as a sex prop or something that can be used for pranks, which is what helps to keep it legal. The company that you work for, however, may have rules against using or owning the kit.

Important Things to Know When Shopping for CBD Oil

The CBD industry is projected to grow tremendously in the coming few years. It is for this reason why there are many companies offering CBD products. If you are thinking of using CBD products for one reason or the other, then you need to think of the best ways to get the best quality from the market. This is particularly important because different CBD oil companies are in the business for different reasons. Therefore, for you to find the best CBD product, you need to know what to look out for in the best CBD oil. It is for this reason that this article provides you with important factors that you should consider when looking for the best CBD Oil.

Third-Party Testing

For you to be sure of the quality of the CBD product that you are about to buy, it is essential to ensure that they have gone through third-party lab testing. If the manufacturer of the CBD oil that you want to buy does not subject their products to third-party testing, then you might want to consider taking the product on your own. Third-lab testing is important as it will help you determine the quality of the CBD oil that you are going to buy.

Level of THC

Another essential factor that you must consider is the level of THC. If the CBD oil that you buy has a high level of THC, then that is a sign that the brand you are about to buy might not be the best for you. THC is the component of the cannabis that makes people high. It is worth noting that taking CBD oil with a high level can make you high. Also, if you are someone who is subjected to impromptu drug testing, then such a brand might not be the best option for you. Lastly, you must understand the THC level is the one that determines the legality of the CBD product.

Source of the Hemp

Lastly, you must consider the source of the hem. It would be best if you made sure that the hemp is organically grown and that the condition that it is grown in is perfect. The reason why the source of the hemp is important is that if the hemp is grown in a polluted environment, then the end result will also be of poor quality. Those CBD companies that do not reveal the source to their hemp need to be avoided as they are not the best.


Role Played by The Monkey Dong in Urine Tests

employee urine samples

Some companies today make an effort of monitoring what their staff members do during their free time. One way of doing this is by administering a drug or urine test on their employees occasionally. Well, some people might argue that this is a form of infringement on their personal rights, especially if what they do does not interfere in any way with their productivity.

Since drug tests are increasingly becoming popular in the workplace, most people are increasingly looking for ways to beat these tests. Well, many gadgets or tools can help you overcome the urine test. It is therefore up to you to know which of them works and which doesn’t. Have you heard about the Monkey Dong? Read on to learn more about this ergonomic urine dispensing unit.

What is a Monkey Dong?

Ideally, a monkey is a synthetic urine dispensing gadget that is used to beat urine drug tests. This gadget contains powered urine, which is often a mixture of urea and uric acid. This powder has just the right amounts of these elements needed to make you pass the urine test.

This gadget is reasonably easy to use. Since most companies do not care or care very little about your genetic composition when conducting these test, using the monkey dong as recommended could be passing all drug tests now and in future.

How to Use a Monkey Dong

collected samplesUsing a monkey dong is relatively straightforward especially if you take time and read the manual. Well, you might be wondering about how to heat the urine to the right temperature. This device comes with some heating pads that heat up the urine to ensure it matches with your body temperatures. The monkey dog package also comes with a urine flask to help you achieve the right temperatures.

It is worth noting that buying the right monkey dong is one thing and getting the right urine sample is an entirely different thing. Going wrong on either of this essentially means going wrong on the urine test. Some people either knowingly or out of ignorance make the wrong choices. Ideally, the most important tip about using synthetic urine and other related products is to buy them from a trusted dealer.


How To Deal With Anxiety In Children

They say anxiety is a normal and common trait in children and that it slopes off from their life as they grow older. There are good chances that your child will leave his anxiety behind when he grows old, but the odds are that it might also leave a huge mark on his personality. Parents who have anxious children often turn a blind eye to the impacts of anxiety on the minds of their children. Parents often take it as an off-putting challenge to help their kid get through even the little routine things because he is too scared or anxious.

You might be ready to perform miracles to help your child get into that morning bus, get comfortable in his birthday party or feel all secure in a park because you don’t want them to miss out on things or lag behind.But sometimes, we as parents need to work for the longer run.

Below are some tips on how to deal with anxiety in children:

Anxiety cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed

tfgvhbxnEven though you desperately want to, but you cannot do the magic. Anxiety cannot be completely terminated, and if it can be then, it surely takes time. Here, you need to make it a point that you cannot put off every stressor or event that prompts anxiety in your child. What you can do is make your kid learn how they can manage their emotions and behavior under anxiety and still function well. As your child learns to do the same, his anxiety will gradually stop affecting his behavior, and it will also ebb with time.

Do not fear their fear

Anxiety is an upshot of fear. Children are afraid of one thing or other, and it is their fear that builds anxiety in their minds. For instance, if a child is anxious before a dance performance, he or she might have the stage fright, or they might be afraid to face the crowd. As a parent, you might sometimes feel the same as your children. You might also be nervous for that stage performance. But the last thing you want to do is to validate their fear, which you might do by panicking in front of them. Make a note of staging confidence and calmness in your behavior so as to influence your child’s notions about their fears.

If you do not look worried to them, they might as well end up feeling relaxed.

Tell them  they are going to be okay

tfsdgvhbjnYour children’s fear is huge for them, and you cannot set unrealistic expectations in their minds about the same.If your child is anxious about failing a test, you cannot assure them that they wouldn’t or if they’re worried about forgetting their lines in play, you cannot promise them that they won’t.But what you can do is tell them that they’ll be okay. Tell them that it will not be the end of the world if they failed or made a mistake or if someone laughed at them.

You can narrate your stories or examples, and things will eventually get better

As a parent of an anxious kid, you must pay heed to the little details of your child’s anxiety and fears. Talking positively to them and making them strong against their fears are the best ways on how to deal with anxiety in children.

Great Weight Loss Tips That Work

Weight loss tips are usually searched for by people in the vain hope that they might find something out there that will allow them to lose weight while still to eat and drinking as much as we like. Unfortunately, this magic weight loss solution does not exist and if it did the creator would be able to command a small fortune for the advice. Weight loss tips in the purest sense should be simple, common sense advice about the methods that you can pick up and apply alongside a sensible, healthy eating plan that helps you to lose weight and keep it off. Before you begin any diet, you must be properly motivated and want to lose weight.

rftgvhbncjkHere are great weight loss tips that work and if you apply them alongside a good calorie controlled eating plan such as Diet Chef these tips will certainly help you to achieve your weight loss target. Make some form of physical exercise part of your daily regime. If this all seems too much for you try to take some time out to walk somewhere at a fairly brisk pace and increase the distance you walk each day. Give yourself realistic and achievable goals you can reach with just a little bit of effort and then build on those each week.

Tips to weight loss

Consume less by way of calories each day

We all take in more calories on a daily basis than we can use up with the result that our body cannot burn these calories off and we end up storing them as fat. Make a serious effort to reduce the number of unnecessary calories you take in, and you will lose weight.

Avoid eating all fried foods

You may not be aware of the fact that foods such as fish and chicken can contain more fat than beef does when they are fried. Introduce some fruit and vegetables into your diet and have some every single day. A good trick is to add some berries or similar to some cereal in the morning for Breakfast. You should be able to find some locally grown fruit and vegetables which also tend to be cheaper if the supply is higher.

Cut back on the amount of dairy foods you eat

4r5tfgdfyhujReduce the fat content of milk you drink by switching to lower fat options such as skimmed or semi-skimmed if possible. Cut out fat-laden cheeses full fat yogurt, and if you must eat these change to low-fat options with a low sugar content. I hope that you find that these tips are useful to you and I give them to you as someone who has used these along with a proper portion and calorie controlled diet plan to healthily and easily lose weight, and I can honestly say this has worked for me and I feel great.